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Control of the Manual

The FSQMS Manual of St.Valantine DC Factory indicates the management policy of the system and it is a route map the management system. This manual covers the components of Food Safety issues related to the organization. (Ref: FSQMS policy & objectives)

The Quality Manual has been integrated with the Food Safety Manual and was modified by the Food Safety Team Leader. The approval for the usage was given by the Managing Director. All personals (all the Food Safety & Quality team members and other interested parties) are given soft copies of the manual. The FSTL has given the responsibility to ensure that the latest updated version of the FSQMS manual has been distributed to all the food safety & Quality team members and other interested parties.

All distributed copies of the manual carries “Controlled Copy” seal on each page to prevent any unauthorized distribution. The master copy is kept with the Management representative/Food safety team leader. Copies carried “Uncontrolled Copy” seal on each page is distributed to the required parties outside the company with relevant authorization.

Reasons for all changes are captured in the amendment record sheet (Ref: amendment record sheet).

All recipients and users are educated for the proper usage of the manual and they are not permitted to do any change or alteration in the manual. It should be brought up at the Management Review meeting and once approval is given by Management Representative/food safety team leader who is authorized to do changes in the manual when it will be incorporated.


General Requirements

This Food Safety and Quality Manual covers identified processes, criteria and methods needed to cover all stages in the scope of the FSQMS, which is based on BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 22002-1, FSSC 22000, HACCP and GMP standards and guidelines. It also addresses defined objectives and roots for continual improvement.

The processes needed for the FSQMS, their sequence and interactions together with the applications are identified. These processes are measured, monitored, analyzed and the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operations are ensured.

Implimentaion of FSQMS ensures;

Determination of processes needed for the FSQMS and application thoughout the organization

Determination of sequence of interaction of these processes

Ensuring availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of idntified procedures

Monitoring, measuring where applicable and analyse these processes

Implimentation of actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these processes

The criteria and methods needed to ensure the effectiveness of the operation by identification of potential hazards and control it upto an acceptable level.

Communicate information on food safety throughout the food chain as well as changes in FSQMS throughout the organization.

The system is reviewed once in 6 months to bring about any improvements needed on so that the system will be updated.

Process approach is followed in all operations focussing the food safety and quality objectives.

All documentation including records connected is properly controlled and used.

Refer annex 2 for sequence interaction of processes and Objectives and targets set for the processes and Procedure for Control of Operations (VDC/PM/19)


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