Documentation Requirements

The documentation of the FSQMS of the company includes a Quality and Food Safety Manual with a Quality and Food Safety Policy addressing objectives, mandatory and optional procedures, records and formats.

Records ensure the effectiveness and improvements of the system. 

Control of Documents

Documents are the best mode of communicating accurate management information. Following practices shall be utilized to establish the control of documents. A clearly defined procedure is developed and communicated with following intentions.

  • Document reviewing for adequacy and accuracy and its approval
  • Unique identification of documents
  • Protection of physical and electronic documents including keeping backups
  • Effective document distribution electronically through file share of the company.
  • Effective mechanism for document amending and re-approval
  • Effective identification of status and  reason for changes to document status critical  to product safety, legality or quality system  (Ref: amendment record)
  • Locating, recalling and disposition


The users are educated to use the documents in a safer manner to safeguard them from various factors without affecting their legibility, and keep them in an easily retrievable manner. (Ref: Procedure for Control of Documents). 

This will also ensure that the changes and the current revision status of documents are identified, relevant versions of applicable documents are available at points of use, and documents remain legible and readily identifiable.

Upgrading/ updating documents, product characteristics and its intended use, flow diagrams, processing methods and control measures to ensure it is up to date and improved.

System maintenance is done through effective monitoring of identified processes and taking necessary actions in achieving set objectives and satisfying requirements of internal parties.

Reviewing activities are coordinated with objectives, process performances, product-conformity, corrective and preventive action, data analysis, and internal audit findings.

Management system policy is reviewed annually to find out its continual suitability against the company experience and practice and it is amended where necessary (Ref: amendment record)

Depending on the outcome of review process, necessary documents are revised following the procedure/ work instruction.

The outcome of this review process is communicated upto the operational level, depending on their involvement through their respective head of departments using various internal communication modes (Ref: management review meeting minutes).

In addition to the audit findings corrective and preventive actions reports, information on data analysis etc. are taken for the continual improvement of system process and service (Ref: NCIs/NCRs, Customer Complains). 

Reference:  Procedure for control of documents – VDC/PM/02

Control of Records

Records established under the FSQMS are considered as the best mode to provide objective evidence for operation of management system activities and also to find out opportunities for improvements.

Documented procedure is established and communicated in support of the following objectives 

  • Maintaining the consistency of record generating and handling, format changes
  • Effective mechanism for record identification, control, filing, indexing, safe keeping and easy retrieval including the computer generating records
  • Retention of records and disposition of invalid records. (Ref: amendment record and obsolete records).


Reference: Procedure for control of records – VDC/PM/03


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